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Make your Letter of Credit process organized

Lceazy is a Letter of Credit specialized blockchain solution that enables paperless trade.


Why Lceazy?

Letter of Credit has never been this easy.

Container Management

Upload packing list in a structed document. Assign to a sales order, create invoice and do more

Blockchain Technology

Automated cross organizational business processes with blockchain technology. Ensuring a secure collaboration to share information across industry.

Document Production

Create templates for once and produce documents associated to sales invoice. Preview, download and share documents among trade parities.

Do more with Lceazy

From paperless trade to manage containers. Small modularize API based components that can easily integrate with any public or private blockchain network like TradeLens or banks own private network.

Jam-packed with Unique Features

Trade Contract

Track whole transaction in one place from Letter of Credit till payment release and all entities in between. Check which purchase order makes you profit for specific Letter of Credit before proceeding.


Easily integrate with third-party weight providers and terminal weigh stations. Enables you to authorize a third party to submit VGM on your behalf. Avoid costly and improve accuracy.

Document Production

Eliminating copy paste with document production. Design your own templates and produce documents with dynamic data. Preview, download and share documents among trade parities.

Container Management

Our container module enables container management by tracking each container from packing list till invoice. Upload packing list in a structed document. Also, find your shipment or container using a range of parameters including container number, seal number, bill of lading number etc.

LC Parsing

Say goodbye to copy paste each letter of Credit field into system. With Lceazy, add Letter of Credit into system in just three clicks.

Lceazy Collab

Minimize complexity and paperwork. Collaborate faster & easier with all parties across the global supply chain.

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Easy Integrations

Lceazy allows the integration of leading software packages like Quickbooks and Zoho. Lceazy also has its own accounting module in alpha version.

Don't take our word for it.

Take theirs...

Lceazy has increased the efficiency & reduced ton of paperwork. The speed and accuracy at which we can perform tasks and collaborate with other parties is just astounding. It has facilitated an error free LC & made the whole process transparent.

Maser Corp.

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